Friday, November 27, 2009


Safeway Meal Deal.
If your tired of cooking and want a quick meal deal Safeway is the place for you.
A roasted chicken is on sale and if you pick up the add on your way in the door you get a free side. The Fresh Express bag salad is 1$ there is a recent CP for .55c off two(Safeway Doubles up to .99c). Making this meal deal for a family of four for under 7.00$.

Also Safeway has loadable CPs on their website. The Entertainment book has the 5$ of 50 for the NVA area.

This is to easy for the busy Mom.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


If you aren't a rewards member I recommend it. You get great coupons emailed to you and at times you get free or very cheap coffee at Seattle’s Best in the store. The stores have a great Kids section I take my daughter to their kid’s functions for story time and parties. This gives my hubby time to peruse the Mags and do it yourself books.

Deals going on
10 Off a toy purchase of 20$ in Store
Kids DVDs for 2.99. Barbie, Barney, Bob the Builder and a few others. In store.
Online Code for 25%
BORDERS have free shipping on orders over 25$


Black Friday Only 5$ Sweaters and Free Gloves a Perfect Gift.
Follow this link for the Coupons.

Happy Thanksgiving 2009

I know my site is new and as my family reflects on what we are thankful for I can’t help but think that our beautiful turkey says it all.
I mean really this could have been a disaster and yet this busy mom pulled it off. (Score one for the Working mom!)

Staple Stock Up and Easy Fudge

I go to ALDI about once a month to stock up on staples.

My favs are:

Vinegar for .75c

Tomato paste and tomato sauce about .25c

Pineapple 1.79 the best price I have ever seen.

Old fashion Oatmeal big container 1.75

Maple Syrup 1.50 this is a good size.

I buy milk when I go but find it compares to the other stores.

Sweet condensed milk for about 1.25 a can is a staple at my house as I am constantly making fudge for the kids or school functions.

Speaking of Fudge if you need to bring a baked good to a school function here is a quick easy receipt for the busy Mom.

16 oz of Chocolate Chips. “1 Cup” (This is flexible, can be baking chocolate or chocolate waivers.)

4 Tbs. Butter

14 oz. can sweet condensed milk.

Melt the butter on low to Med heat in a Med sauce pan for about 30 sec. add the chocolate and stir for about 3 Min's, then add the sweet milk stir for about 5-8 Min's or until the mixture is well blended. Line a loaf pan or 8x8 pan with wax or parchment paper. (What ever you have in the pantry) and pour in mixture. Cool in Fridge for at least two hours. You can slice the fudge or cut into pieces for the function.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


A few tips for Wegmans that I hope are helpful.
- I love Wegmans, I shop at the one near Potomac mills. There is a new one in Fredericksburg and a few more opening around the NVA area.
- I know that finding a good Wegmans list is some times hard. There are some great blogs out there if you do a search of blogs for Wegmans deals you can find a list. I will also post good deals here as I shop at Wegmans once a week.

- Sign up for the club card during your neighborhood grand opening. Doing this gave me a free bottle of basting oil and the weekly coupon books that gave me two free items a week. Unfortunately my book has dropped to one free item.
- Wegmans doubles cps up to .50c
- you can sample anything from the food cases prior to buying. Don’t be afraid to ask. Better to try before you buy!
- Wegmans has wine tasting and knowledgeable staff who can recommend wine to your liking.
- Wegmans has a price correction policy, if it rings up wrong go to the service desk and call it out. They will give you the difference plus 1$. This happens to me about every other visit.
- I talk my coworkers in to going to lunch at Wegmans about once a month and after lunch I get my quick shopping trip in. I also can take the kids to Friday Movie night and Hubby eats the great Pizza or Sandwich's while the Kids watch a Movie and I get the shopping done.