Wednesday, November 25, 2009


A few tips for Wegmans that I hope are helpful.
- I love Wegmans, I shop at the one near Potomac mills. There is a new one in Fredericksburg and a few more opening around the NVA area.
- I know that finding a good Wegmans list is some times hard. There are some great blogs out there if you do a search of blogs for Wegmans deals you can find a list. I will also post good deals here as I shop at Wegmans once a week.

- Sign up for the club card during your neighborhood grand opening. Doing this gave me a free bottle of basting oil and the weekly coupon books that gave me two free items a week. Unfortunately my book has dropped to one free item.
- Wegmans doubles cps up to .50c
- you can sample anything from the food cases prior to buying. Don’t be afraid to ask. Better to try before you buy!
- Wegmans has wine tasting and knowledgeable staff who can recommend wine to your liking.
- Wegmans has a price correction policy, if it rings up wrong go to the service desk and call it out. They will give you the difference plus 1$. This happens to me about every other visit.
- I talk my coworkers in to going to lunch at Wegmans about once a month and after lunch I get my quick shopping trip in. I also can take the kids to Friday Movie night and Hubby eats the great Pizza or Sandwich's while the Kids watch a Movie and I get the shopping done.

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